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ideomancer's Journal

ideomancer Speculative Fiction
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Ideomancer Speculative Fiction is a quarterly, online fiction publication. We publish works by both new and established writers.

This community is a forum for our editors, authors and readers to post announcements, discuss stories we've published and for general Ideo chatter. All messages are moderated and only approved members can post.



Submission Guidelines:

Ideomancer publishes speculative fiction and poetry that explores the edges of ideas; stories that subvert, refute and push the limits. We want unique pieces from authors willing to explore non-traditional narratives and take chances with tone, structure and execution, balance ideas and character, emotion and ruthlessness. We also have an eye for more traditional tales told with excellence.

We are especially interested in non-traditional formats, hyperfiction, and work that explores the boundaries not just of its situation but of the internet-as-page.

We are open to submissions during December-January, March-April, June-July, September-October. Any stories or poems submitted to us during the months of November, February, May, and August will be deleted unread.

Ideomancer does not accept simultaneous or multiple submissions.

Submissions will be replied to inside 30 days. If you haven't heard from us in 30 days, please send a query with the subject line "Query: Your Story Title".


Stories should be e-mailed to us at fiction @ ideomancer.com with "Submission: Your Story Title" in the subject line.

All submissions should use Standard Manuscript Format and be attached to your e-mail as an .rtf file. Please include a short cover letter in your email with your name, story title, genre, and word count.

Fiction submissions should be no longer than 7000 words.


As of September 7, 2008, we are closed to poetry submissions indefinitely due to overstock

Reprints, articles, art

Ideomancer accepts only those reprints we have solicited; no unsolicited reprints will be considered.

As well, all non-fiction pieces and art are generated in-house. We do not solicit articles from the public, nor do we accept art submissions.

If you are a publisher or an author and would like to provide Ideomancer with a review copy of a book or books, please send a detailed e-mail to publisher@ideomancer.com and we will contact you with further instructions.

Rights and payment

Ideomancer pays 3 cents a word USD (our word processor count — Microsoft Word) up to a maximum of US$40. Poetry payment is a flat US$6 per poem. Payment is upon publication.

We buy First Worldwide Electronic Rights, with exclusive rights required for three months. The story will be archived unless requested otherwise by the author. All rights revert to the author if the story has not been published within two years of acceptance.