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June issue live!

The June issue of Ideomancer is available for your ready delectation, going on some wandering summer travels through three very different rural geographies.

Wendy N. Wagner’s “Barnstormers” shows us a night on a summer fairground tour in a small and dusty future; Maigen Turner’s “Eliza Jane Goes Into Town” – her first publication! – tells a frontier story about our complicated relationships with the wilderness outside our windows; and Frank Ard’s “The Sensation of Falling” is laced with geography changed and changing: the maps of home, family, and what away means shifting under your feet.

Poetry from Michele Bannister, Devon Miller-Duggan, Christelle Mariano, and Eric Zboya goes to other planets, other media, and underwater in your dreams – and as always, there are the usual book reviews.

I usually add this in every post, in case, but this time I want to call a bit of attention to it:

If you like what we're doing with Ideomancer -- the fiction, poetry, and reviews, or the commitment to providing a showcase for literary speculative work from emerging authors from all backgrounds, genders, orientations, and geographies -- please consider dropping something into our tip jar. The sole sources of funding for Ideomancer are reader contributions and, as the publisher, my pocket, and when we say that even six dollars makes a big difference to us, we mean it -- that's a poem paid for.

Six dollars from every single one of our Twitter followers would keep us publishing free, excellent work for approximately seven years.

So while we know times are hairy as ever, if you've got six bucks to spare, we'd appreciate it -- the volunteer staff at Ideomancer love the work we do and the authors we get to work with, and we'd love to do that work longer, better, and with (hopefully!) a nice raise for the authors creating the fiction and poetry we're so privileged to showcase.